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3 instances where homeowners insurance is a must

By December 14, 2018December 17th, 2018Personal Insurance
3 instances where homeowners insurance is a must

Your home in Fort Wayne, Indiana is more than a substantial investment, it’s your sanctuary, the place in which you feel safe and at peace from the outside. And what do you do to your cherished belongings? You keep them insured for those rainy days! Putting some money aside for homeowners insurance is essential to be a responsible homeowner.

Of course, it’s easy to tell yourself that homeowners insurance is important and to leave it at that. The more inquisitive however, may find it necessary to delve into the specific cases in which insurance can be useful. Read on for a few things your homeowners insurance policy should cover in the case of an unforeseen loss!


Floods can be especially nasty occurrences when you consider that they not only damage your belongings but cause almost irreparable flooring degradation. Fortunately, your homeowners insurance should protect against any damages brought on by internal flooding. What we mean by that is that a policy will typically cover any losses brought on by flooded plumbing, HVAC units or fire sprinkler systems. Your policy will not however, cover flooding as a result of naturally occurring events such as a mudslide or a nearby overflowing river. If you would like to keep your home protected against these more natural circumstances, you’ll have to discuss separate flood insurance with your provider. Myers & Hayden Insurance would be happy to provide you a flood insurance quote.


While an ugly act as it may be, vandalism is a very real and common threat many homes face especially during holidays like Halloween when perpetrators know homeowners are out. Fortunately, your insurance takes this into account and covers most acts of vandalism including eggings, broken windows and more. If your home is ever vandalized, be sure to file a police report that will aid you in the claims process.

Some policies will also cover additional living expenses should your humble abode become uninhabitable due to acts of vandalism. If you know you wouldn’t have anywhere to stay if you couldn’t stay at home, having this little extra bit of protection can be a real lifesaver!


Saving arguably the scariest for last, fires are the nightmare of any homeowner. Not only do they threaten your safety, they threaten to irreversibly damage your beloved property and belongings. Unfortunately, the causes of this notorious disaster are wide spanning. From cooking and strong winds to electrical disturbances and more, the threat of fire is a very real one and one that should be amply prepared for. Your homeowners insurance protects your property from damages caused by fire but staying vigilant in trying to prevent these damages before they occur is an important responsibility for a homeowner!


The last thing you need to worry about when spending time at home is how you’ll afford repairs or replacing lost property should an emergency ever occur. Always keep your home properly insured and protect yourself in these 3 cases and many more. Call the homeowners insurance advisors at Myers & Hayden Insurance in Fort Wayne, Indiana at 260-486-5255. They’ll be happy to discuss these coverages and more!