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Auto Insurance Quote Checklist

By September 30, 2019Insurance

Hey Fort Wayne, no matter what kind of insurance it is that you are looking to get a quote for, it’s always best practice to have all required information on-hand and ready. It makes the process as smooth as possible for both you and the agency you decide to call. Here is a comprehensive list of information you might need to provide if you want to acquire an auto insurance quote.

1.     Personal information for you and any other licensed drivers living in the household including full name(s), license number(s), birthdays and the address in which you currently reside. They might also ask for you to provide your social security number.

2.     Your agent will also need the VIN number(s) of any vehicle(s) you want to get insured under your policy.

3.     They will want to know if you are currently insured so they will ask for you to provide your current insurance company. If you have the declaration pages from said company, it would be helpful to have on hand also.

4.     You agent will ask what kind of coverage limits you desire for your insurance. Usually, if you have your declarations page from your current insurance company, they will base it off that coverage.

5.     Lastly, notify your agent if you have had any moving violations in the past that led to tickets or any accidents you had for the last five years. You want to provide this information to get a more accurate quote. Avoid lying about past claims to get a lower rate, as this could lead to the cancellation of your policy down the road and other serious consequences.

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