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Homeowners Insurance Quote Checklist

Not sure what you need to have on hand when you request a homeowners quote from your agency? Don’t worry, your friendly agents here at Myers & Hayden insurance have compiled a list for you to reference next time you seek a homeowners quote.

Here is what you might be asked for:

Personal information for the owner of the home and any other occupants that will live in the home. Agents like to know if any of them are licensed drivers as well. Like with auto, they might ask you to provide your social security number. 

Your agent will then ask a couple of questions about the home. This can be very overwhelming so researching the information early on will be helpful and won’t catch you off guard. These questions might include: 

    1. Is this your primary home? Secondary home? Will this be a home that you will rent out to other people? Are you renting out a room in a home? Are you purchasing a condo? Some companies may not write policies if you are purchasing a home to rent out to other people so be sure to ask your agent first. 
    2. How will you pay for the home? Mortgage? A mortgage with Escrow? Mortgage without Escrow? Upfront? 
    3. The number of homeowner’s claims in the last five years. If you know the information, notify your agent if you knew how much was paid out from it. 
    4. They will want to know years of updates if any. Like when the roof was last replaced and when, the type of heating, piping, plumbing, wiring and when it was replaced/installed. They might ask if you know how these were installed (self or professionally, etc.)
    5. Has the home been inspected by a fire marshal and did they suggest any improvements? 
    6. Agents will ask if the home has a pool and if it’s fenced. They will ask if it’s above or in-ground.
    7. Is there a basement? Is the basement finished? 
    8. Any wood-burning stoves? If so, is it in the dwelling, basement, or other structure such as a detached garage? 
    9. A weird one is they might ask if you have a trampoline and if it’s netted or not.
    10. The agent might ask about the quality of the bathrooms and the kitchens. 
    11. They will ask if you will have any pets in the home, what type of breed, and if they’ve had any bite history. 
    12. Does the home have access to a fire hydrant?

Notify your agent if you are looking to get both home and auto. Many insurance companies like Myers & Hayden Insurance here in Fort Wayne, Indiana offer discounts when you bundle your home and auto. Call us today at 260-486-5255 to get a free quote on all of your insurance needs.