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Is buying a motorcycle worth it?

Is buying a motorcycle worth it?

Can you feel the wind in your hair and the roar of your engine, coming to life? When you grip those handlebars and zoom down the highway, you can’t imagine a better feeling. Motorcycles are a stylish, sleek, and exciting way to spice up that daily commute to the office. Fort Wayne, Indiana residents love their motorcycles! If you’re considering purchasing one, it’s important to know all the risks and rewards of choosing a motorcycle over a standard automobile.

The Bad News

Motorcycles aren’t the best choice if you usually ride with a friend/family member or tend to carry a lot of cargo. You may have to depend on rides from friends a lot more for even simple things such as buying groceries. And as you suspected, motorcycle riding is risky. When you ride a motorcycle, you are giving up the impact safety of an automobile and exposing yourself to environmental elements, including weather changes, road conditions, and other autos.

Make sure you choose a motorcycle insurance plan that covers all the bases to ensure your safety, especially in the event of an accident. The bare minimum required insurance covers liability (bodily injury and property damage.) However, there are additional coverage plans that would be a good idea, especially collision coverage. If you want full safety, it’s worth the extra money.

The Good News!

Despite these challenges, there’s a lot of positive aspects to motorcycle ownership that can’t be matched to driving a regular automobile. For one, motorcycles typically tend to be less expensive than cars. Even though you’ll need to purchase additional equipment, like a helmet and gloves, cycles have smaller engines, smaller wheels, and smaller parts in general. This makes them cheaper to manufacture and thus sell for less on the market compared to big, bulky cars.

And with a smaller vehicle, you also get the added benefit of better parking options. The struggle to find street parking with a huge truck is a real one, and you’d all but get rid of that problem with a vehicle with one seat. Stop-and-go traffic tends to be easier as well with your new ability of lane-sharing (check your state laws to make sure this is okay). Motorcycles on average are also more fuel-efficient than most autos, saving the environment and your money! And of course, nothing can beat that feeling of being one with the road while you’re cruising on a motorcycle.

Every driver is different, and ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether the pros outweigh the cons. Depending on your situation, the economy and fun of purchasing a motorcycle might even be the ideal choice! If the benefits outweigh the downfalls in your particular situation, you can get a great quote from Myers & Hayden Insurance.  Just give us a call at 260-486-5255. And keep your eyes on those Fort Wayne, Indiana roads!