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Keep Your Home Safe from Break-Ins

It’s summertime in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

The perfect season to spend those hard-earned vacation days to go out of town and enjoy some time with family and friends…but before you go on your much-needed R&R, is your home protected from break-ins when you leave?

Here are some helpful tips to keep your home safe from break-ins:

Inform your neighbors if you are going away for some time.

Having a great relationship with your neighbors can be very beneficial. Before you embark on your beach getaway, be sure to inform your neighbors that you’ll be gone for a time, so they can keep an eye out for suspicious activity and notify you or the authorities if they arise. If possible, your neighbors may also be left in charge with the care of your lawn, making it seem as if the home is occupied when you’re actually oceanside, sipping margaritas somewhere in Florida.

Set up a home security system.

Setting up a home security system doesn’t just mean setting up alarms for your home. This can very much also include installing security/doorbell cameras and outdoor lights.

Secure everything.

Make sure all points of entry are as secure as possible. Double lock your front door. Close and lock all windows in your home. Lock your sliding doors and secure them even more by placing a dowel in the sliding door track. If you have small valuables such as jewelry, phones, money, and even firearms, make sure you keep them in a durable safe with redundant (more than one) locks. If you have bedroom doors that lock, it’d be a good idea to secure those as well.

Advertise your vacation after you get back.

It’s tempting to tell everyone and their mother that you are going on vacation but for the safety of your home, it would be very beneficial to resist the urge. Avoid posting your vacation plans on social media…post pictures and updates after you get back. When you post something online, it has the potential to be seen by just about anybody, even if your privacy settings are set on family & friends only. Save tagging others until after you get back and have asked for permission, they may not want this information paraded all over social media. Avoid changing your voicemail or putting up an automatic email reply stating you are on vacation if possible.

Be insured.

In the case that your home is broken into, it’d be helpful to have your home and personal valuables insured. Did you know that some homeowners insurance policies can cover personal property and valuable possession loss? Carefully read the limits of your policy and get high-value items appraised. Have questions? Call your Fort Wayne, Indiana homeowners insurance agents: Myers & Hayden Insurance. You can reach us at (260)-486-5255 or visit our website for a free quote.