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Summer Bucket List

In just a few months, summer will come to a close here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Temperatures will start to drop, and snow will eventually come after, but before then, have you experienced everything you wanted to do this summer? If not, no worries! Thankfully, the end of summer isn’t until late September, so you still have some time!

Don’t have any ideas? Check these out:

1. Head to the lake!
There are a lot of things you can do at the lake! One of our agents, Nora, expressed that she wanted to go wakeboarding before summer ended. We think that’s a fantastic idea! You can also go swimming, boating, fishing, and so much more.

2. Go to an amusement park!
Amusement parks are always a good time, for novice and experienced roller coaster riders alike! Our principal agent, Jill, wants to head to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio before the summer ends.

3. Go on a vacation!

Use up those hard-earned vacation days and plan a trip to somewhere you’ve never been before! Our agent, Deb, wants to travel during the last couple months of summer.

4. Go golfing!
Golfing is a popular summer sport, and it’s something our principal agent, Don, loves to partake in whenever he has free time. Break out your clubs and head to your local golf course, summer is a wonderful time to practice those swings!

5. Catch some waves at the beach!
Like peanut butter and jelly, summer and beaches just seem to go well together. Our agent, Bonny, loves the beach and wants to brave the waters one last time before the summer ends. You should too!

6. Take a hike and get some exercise!
For me, I love warm weather and I especially love the outdoors, so before the summer ends, I would love to take more walks or go hiking. It’s a great way to stay active! It wouldn’t hurt to put some hours in the gym as well.


Summer Bucket List by Christine Bursoto