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Summer Pet Safety

Blog - Summer Pet Safety

If there is anything else that we love more than insurance here at Myers & Hayden, it’s our pets! With summer kicking off to a hot start here in Fort Wayne, we need to have the safety of our pets in mind. Never ever leave your pet in a hot car! Even with the windows down, did you know that temperatures in a car can rise almost 20° in only 10 minutes? Here are some other summer pet safety tips you should read!

It’s hot out here! Be mindful of the heat.

Whether it’s simply being outside on a hot day or taking walks on hot pavement, be mindful of the heat! Make sure to have plenty of water on hand for your pet. Pets can get dehydrated very quickly. Try to avoid warm surfaces and opt for cooler grassy surfaces or consider getting booties for them! There are also pet-safe sunscreens you can purchase for your pets.

Avoid using fireworks around your pets.

With July 4th coming up, we are going to see and hear a lot of fireworks! Be sure your pets are safely indoors, as pets may easily be scared or disoriented due to the loud sounds and may run away if they are outdoors. Make sure to keep your pet’s tags updated and take an up-to-date photo of them. If you are going to light fireworks, make sure your pet is secured in the best room that will keep out outdoor sounds, and possibly play some music or light background sounds like a TV to help calm them.

Watch out for things that can harm your pets.

Summer is the best time for outdoor gatherings, we will be seeing a lot more outdoor parties. Be aware of your pet and your surroundings. Make sure they don’t consume something that’s not good for them like toxic chemicals or harmful human foods. Fleas and ticks are also more active in warmer seasons, so make sure to check your pets for them every so often! Maybe consider some preventative medications to combat ticks and fleas.

If you keep these summer safety tips in mind for your pets, you can feel confident that they will be happy and healthy this summer! Did you know that some of our home policies here at Myers & Hayden Insurance includes pet insurance? Call us at 260-486-5255 for more information!